About DIT

Empowering Your Business Through Exceptional IT and Contact Centre Services

Your trusted service delivery partner.

Who We Are

Established in 1997, Dependable IT is Located in downtown Hamilton, Ontario and employs over 200 unique, friendly and bright people! Our centrally located facility allows for direct access to senior executives, quick decision making and aggressive roll outs. Our culture is dynamic, engaging, challenging & rewarding!

Key Facts

25+ Years delivering award winning customer experiences

200+ Contact Centre Agents

91% CCuSat average, ensuring customer service excellence

5,000,000+ Resolved Trouble Tickets

Why do we make a great partnership?

We have the right resources to match your needs.

  • Highly-skilled talent with a strong focus on technical aptitude and experienced customer service.
  • We deliver on aggressive recruiting targets to meet the demands of business changes and peak times.
  • We strive to fully understand your business needs, goals and objectives to deliver a seamless service experience, targeted towards your key performance metrics.

We Protect your Brand in Social Media and in Search Engines.

  • Create brand awareness/Marketing strategies.
  • Engage with your audience and reach new audiences
  • Manage and Communicate with customers through social media pages and sites.
  • Ensure your brand is receiving high ratings, and address critics right away.

We communicate with your customers the way they want.

  • Best-in-class multi-channel platforms allow us to be everywhere your customers are.
  • Customers expect more than just traditional voice support.
  • Chat, proactive chat, email, SMS, automated callback are all supported.

We are able to support your campaigns in many more ways.

  • Technical Support.
  • Software Development.
  • Sales and Billing.

DependableIT is a privately-owned company, and part of the Malar Group of Companies which also includes: