Call Answer

The 24/7 Receptionist of the Future

Your customers can always reach a live person who can handle day-to-day enquiries, product or sales assistance, and take messages.

The 24/7 Receptionist of the Future

Your customers will be greeted by a live receptionist 24/7, that can provide general information about your company, the products and services you offer or simply take a message and booking appointments so you can focus on growing your business.

Key Benefits: 

  • Make your business communication efficient with outstanding scalability involving no set-up or hardware.
  • Project your business as an Enterprise Level organization by having a LIVE receptionist 24/7.
  • Get real-time email and text reports of your business calls.
  • Record all the business calls received or answered to improve the quality of your sales process.

Your dedicated receptionist from DependableIT will deliver optimal front-door service to your valuable customers, bringing the following features and benefits.

24/7 Live Answer
Simple and Complex Problem Solving
Excellent Brand Reputation
Offload Tasks from Your Office Staff
Personalized Service for Your Company
Real-Time Email and Text Reports

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