Since 1997, we have helped to lower operating costs, enable our clients to extend operating hours, and assist in creating new services for customers.

1 white label

White Label Tech Support, Customer Service and Sales

Augment your existing center or avoid the costly route of having your own call center by increasing hours of operation and reducing the overhead. Interactions can be a telephone call to our Agents, text message for support, an email, or all of the above. DIT can integrate many technologies as part of your customer service experience including IVR solutions which greets callers and capture customer data used to automate the handling of inbound and outbound calls. DIT can also activate AI driven Speech Analytics applications that take phone conversations and convert them into data for analysis by call center managers or used to maintain compliance. These particular applications help organizations understand customer insights, discover why people call, and what customers think about a company and the quality of their experience. DIT CHATBOTS contribute to call center efficiency by automating routine customer service tasks with self-service. Higher automation decreases operational costs by filtering the workload of contact center agents. Customers can accomplish tasks easily by interacting with our chatbot so our call center agents can focus on more complex calls

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2 remote support

Break Fix Remote Support

Having problems with your desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet? DIT can help you in real-time, 24/7. We use state-of-the-art technology to securely access your device, wherever you are and have it fixed with little down time. We can help you setup your new device and update your security software or even optimize your device for speed plus connect your computer with others in your home network. We can also perform regular maintenance on your devices such as updates and optimization. We offer a variety of packages ranging in price. Just call us! 1.888.554.7237

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3 dispatch help desk

Dispatch and Helpdesk Support 24/7

Managing service tickets, SLA’s and exceeding customer expectations are all elements of highly effective dispatch and helpdesk teams. DIT Agents are experienced friendly and dedicated to earning your customers loyalty to your brand. Regardless of the end users’ preferences — phone, email or text — DIT is always on standby.

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4 quality assurance

Maintaining and Raising the Standard of Excellence

The purpose of a Quality Assurance (QA) Program is to assure that employees demonstrate their commitment to continuing competence and quality improvement. DependableIT works with your leadership team to build a realistic QA program to achieve your customer service goals. Consistent evaluations allow you to quickly identify operational gaps while educating staff of areas performed to standard and areas that require improvement.

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5 call answer

The 24/7 Receptionist of the Future

Your customers will be greeted by a live receptionist 24/7, that can provide general information about your company, the products and services you offer or simply take a message and booking appointments so you can focus on growing your business.

Key Benefits are:

  • Make your business communication efficient with outstanding scalability involving no set-up or hardware cost.
  • Project your business as an Enterprise Level organization by having a LIVE receptionist 24/7.
  • Get real-time email and text reports of your business calls.
  • Record all the business calls received or answered to improve the quality of your sales process.
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6 social media

Posting, Liking & Sharing to keep you part of the conversation

Companies like yours are using social media to grow sales and servicing customers directly through their social media pages and accounts. Ad campaigns on social media and reviews are what’s driving business today and will take over traditional media in the future. Companies are being measured on how many “likes” they have and the rating they have received on Google, Yelp or even product based ratings within a retailer website. DIT uses a strategic, consistent approach of posting content and the right staff to respond appropriately and quickly to the commentary your customers and critics are posting.

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